Analytical system of real estate of Ukraine

This is a cartographic platform, the main purpose of which is the collection, accounting, accumulation, processing, and display of information about the real estate of the territorial community, region, and the country overall.

This is a resource for effective real estate management. It allows to:

perform automated search for real estate information;

receive up-to-date information on the dynamics of changes in the value of real estate depending on specific parameters: location, type and material of the house, condition, demand and activity of the real estate market;

view data on objects: primary, secondary, commercial real estate, real estate intended for mixed use, etc .;

keep records of the rent – , landlords, and contracts;

visualize rented premises and their current status;

to conduct prompt control of the incomes and expenses connected with putting each concrete object of real estate for the rent;

make calculations of utility payments, and issue invoices;

plan potential real estate objects and analyze existing ones by using operational documentation previously entered into the system

to form a single point of access of operational services to the relevant information about real estate, where any kind of problem needs to be solved (repair, reconstruction, improvement).

The cartographic platform

is a tool for organizing a large amount of spatial information about real estate:

displays real estate on the map

visualizes information about each type of object

contains a photo gallery                                                

keeps a detailed description and key characteristics (passports), coordinates and much more helpful information for decision making                                                    

A set of layers of geographic information system:

Primary and secondary real estate


Objects of unfinished construction


Commercial real estate


Specialized and non-specialized real estate

Real estate affected by hostilities


Industrial real estate                                                                               

Typical structure of the system

database of cartographic information (display of real estate)

subsystem of operative inspection of a condition of real estate objects

subsystem for monitoring and registration of appeals, and conducting of repairs

Analytical system is easy to use:

Clear interface with the control panel of data sets, separate cartographic resources, layers of spatial information, etc

Information is stored on the server and in the database, which provides maximum security, including data with limited access

Supporting the system does not require programming skills


Regulated access to information resources by assigning roles to system users.

Analytical system includes hardware and software, filling in databases, training of specialists, technical support.

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