Management Company Launch

Ensure the development and growth of a group of companies and the achievement of goals by each individual company

The Management Company ensures the development and achievement of the goals of your companies. Thanks to the introduction of control systems and process automation technologies, you free up your time to perform strategic tasks.

Forget about:

  • lack of understanding what is going in yout companies
  • the need for their own operational control
  • lack of company development
  • companies don’t reach the plans
  • low product and customer service quality
  • lack of time and constant fatigue

Service include

Management tools implementation

Setting up technical systems

Quality system implementation

Analytical reporting system development

Stages of Service

Audit of state of the group of companies

The result of this audit is a comprehensive report on the situation as a group of companies in general and in each company separately

Implementation and adaptation of management tools

Based on the results of the audit, you receive ready-made management tools and training materials for Management Company, as well as a set of management tools templates or implementation in your companies

Technical systems implementation

Based on the results of the audit, MagneticOne Consulting Group provides recommendations for the implementation of the necessary technical systems, a list of contractors who provide these technical systems and support for the contractor’s performance of obligations under the contract

Reception and confirmation of the proveded service

Get a detailed report and review the implementation results with a representative of MagneticOne Consulting Group

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