Analytical system of everyday consumer goods logistics

This is a cartographic web resource designed for accounting, certification and optimization of logistics operations which provide maximum satisfaction of consumer demand for consumer goods. 


The web map provides the ability to:

store and display comprehensive spatial information on transport routes (road networks, railways, sea and river transport routes, main pipelines, etc.);

to carry out an automated search of information and detailed review of data on the objects of transport infrastructure;

comprehensively analyze the transport system of the region, district, or country by including each mode of transport in the display of technical parameters. (eg, parameters of equality, strength, traction, geometric characteristics of roads: number of lanes, lane width, roadway and sidewalk);

reduce the cost of transport logistics by creating the necessary conditions for proper storage of goods, ensuring the consistency of its shipment, and control over delivery.

Database of cartographic information (display of topographic and road maps, street maps, routes, orthophotos, etc.)

Subsystem for documenting the state of the road surface by means of mobile devices

Subsystem for monitoring and registration of traffic accidents, and repairs;

Subsystem of accounting and management of engineering networks, transport infrastructure, advertising media, etc.                                        

A set of layers of the analytical system:

Transport infrastructure

Procurement logistics enterprises (related to the provision of production materials)

Enterprises of production logistics (aimed at improving the organization and efficiency of the production process)

Sales logistics companies (marketing or distribution logistics)

Features of the analytical system:

Availability of tools for mapping and optimizing logistics routes by means of mobile technology in real-time

Availability of a subsystem of electronic appeals of citizens and a platform for their prompt analysis

Ensuring the function of information support of local governments in decision-making in the field of logistics of consumer goods, risk management, and automation of reporting