Analytical system of the financial sphere of Ukraine

Analytical system of the financial sphere of Ukraine

This is a cartographic platform that reflects the available information on the financial and economic condition of the region (country, territorial community, region, city), provides a comprehensive overview of existing financial and economic infrastructure and its competitive advantages and evaluates investment opportunities in the given administrative unit.



The resource accumulates information about financial institutions, favorable-for-investment facilities, opportunities for  starting  a new business, , restoring the old or expanding an existing one. The resourse also provides communication between representatives of the financial and economic sphere.

Typical structure of the analytical system:

Database of cartographic information (display of objects of the financial sphere)

Subsystem of operational accounting of objects of financial sphere

Subsystem for monitoring and registration of appeals

A set of layers of the analytical system of the financial sphere of Ukraine:

administrative and territorial structure;

brownfield sites or vacant production areas;

greenfield plots or vacant plots of land;

banking institutions: public / private

non-banking institutions (credit unions, leasing companies, trust companies, insurance companies);

intermediary institutions;

institutions of accumulative pension provision;

investment funds and companies;

The company provides a full range of services for the development of analytical system of the financial sector of Ukraine, namely the supply, installation and configuration of hardware and software, filling GIS data, training, technical support and support of geographic information system.

You will get

Free access to relevant information about the financial, economic, infrastructural and resource potential of the region

Opportunity to find the best place to do business, choose an acceptable object or land for accommodation of enterprises and investments

Possibility to analyze the surrounding transport (distance to railways and highways, energy systems) and socio-cultural infrastructure

Possibility to analyze the profitability and cost – efficiency on investment using a database of available information on the financial and economic infrastructure of the region

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