Corporate innovations

We are accelerating the digital transformation

Building an innovation strategy in a large company is a huge task. Consulting Group simplifies this task by helping companies connect to startups that can directly influence the achievement of business and technology goals. Also, the company expands the capabilities of specific business units of corporate partners, accurately defining their tasks and comparing them with the solutions offered by young startups.

How does it work?

A typical consulting project in this area begins with an assessment of the company’s innovation capabilities, in-depth research and exchange of information with an innovation expert, during which he assesses the state of the startup or organization and identifies its needs. After that, a team of experts develops solutions and identifies strategic innovation priorities formulated to meet customer needs. The final stage of the project is the implementation of the action plan together with the client’s team, monitoring the progress of its implementation, monitoring of intermediate results and assisting the client in making decisions.

Corporate innovations

At the moment, everything in the world is changing very quickly. And those who do not actively implement innovations are left behind. Following the world leaders and new innovative companies, MagneticOne Consulting Group will help to bring best practices to startups to form entire ecosystems. Large companies and organizations are sometimes slow to adapt to new market trends. MagneticOne Consulting Group helps organizations make innovative changes in their business and maintain a competitive advantage among others. Brainstorming, helping to create prototypes, testing ideas, attracting startups, helping to create innovation centers, creating your own venture capital units – this is what MagneticOne Consulting Group does.

MagneticOne Consulting Group provides modern innovative services:


helping them grow and scale


linking research to business by commercializing them


introducing innovative products to large organizations


helping to innovate locally


creating innovative communities and ecosystems at the national and global levels

MagneticOne Consulting Group services

In-depth analysis of technological, business, venture and other investment trends

Assessment of innovation potential

Promoting entrepreneurship, generation, and growth of new ideas

Creating your own venture capital unit and full immersion in the startup ecosystem, scouting, selection and management of startups in accordance with the needs of the company

Identification of digital capabilities

Creating the optimal path of digital transformation

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