Digital transformation

Transformation strategy:

Establish the path of transformation from physical to digital

Describe the "road map" of change and identify factors that contribute to the development of technology

Reform the operating model or value system

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a global business trend to move from physical operating models and delivering values ​​to digital. From the 1990s, when digitization disrupted the music and entertainment industries, to the mobile and social media revolution in 2010, technology has led the world to an era of hyper-digitalization. Today, no industry is safe from change. The business must accept the transformation to stay on board. While transformation takes place within the business, the main driving force is customers. Brands can no longer dictate the rules of interaction because they have simply evolved customer expectations. MagneticOne Consulting Group’s strategy is to take a holistic approach to transformation. We do not separate customer experience from the experience of employees or partners, but consider them as part of the mechanism of the end-to-end experience. To successfully implement this approach, we help companies upgrade outdated systems, use the full potential of cloud-based infrastructure, and use knowledge and experience in data collection and processing to build data organizations.

MagneticOne Consulting Group will provide the following consulting services:

From physical to digital: transforming a business model

Rebuild your old system and develop a plan to further transform your business from physical to digital.

Modernization of the heritage system


MagneticOne Consulting Group uses its own legacy evaluation system in combination with software engineering services to adapt the upgrade method and integrate the updated software environment.

The path to product digitization


If your industry is confused with digitization, you can review the offer and move completely from physical to digital value, building new revenue streams and gradually transforming the business.

Process recovery


                                                      If your customers’ expectations are based on a physical product or service, you can reach a digital audience, attract existing customers in a new way, or optimize existing internal operations.

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