Safe software outsourcing


The mission is to bring together companies around the world to create world-class software. From choosing a secure contractor to supporting throughout the software development lifecycle, our secure outsourcing consulting services help small and medium-sized companies enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing, quickly and with less effort.


Safe software outsourcing

MagneticOne Consulting Group will solve a major software outsourcing problem by allowing our clients to find the best secure contractor worldwide for a long-term partnership. The company is completely independent, the advice is based only on verified and objective facts. The concept of software outsourcing is currently accelerating as never before, as more and more companies are choosing this path in order to move towards efficient, cost-effective, fast, and successful projects. IT outsourcing brings companies many benefits, namely: innovation, scaling, and downsizing of the entire software development staff. Unfortunately, many companies fail in their IT outsourcing endeavors and fail to achieve their goals because IT outsourcing is different from other types of outsourcing in nature. That’s why companies need a reliable helper to guide them through the entire software development lifecycle, from preparing the company for outsourcing, choosing the right contractor, establishing cooperation, and ending with outsourcing. MagneticOne Consulting Group’s consulting services help investment funds, independent software vendors, and various companies to eliminate all possible risks and get the most out of IT outsourcing.

Various outsourcing scenarios

Assistance in the implementation of various outsourcing scenarios depending on the desired end result, namely:

Subcontracting to the relevant IT outsourcing company

  1. IT provider, ready to form a team of people with the expected skills
  2. IT provider ready to complete the project

Hybrid form of cooperation

IT provider who can form a team (company) and will buy it after a certain period of cooperation

Creating your own IT outsourcing company under the customer's brand

  1. With (without) a package of services, such as recruitment, office settings
  2. With (without) management from a consulting company

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