Sale, mergers and acquisitions

Do you need to find good companies that you can invest in?

Use MagneticOne Consulting Group’s unbiased guidance to determine the best purchase goals. You expand your mergers and acquisitions and increase your chances of finding good options that are beyond the scope of any other consulting firm.

Sale, mergers and acquisitions

MagneticOne Consulting Group helps clients drive revenue growth, optimize productivity and manage risk through a merger and acquisition approach, backed by deep experience in acquisitions, asset disposals, joint ventures, world-class project management, and industry-leading expertise. The success of any merger or acquisition requires close attention to people. Accounting for risks at all stages of the life of the transaction, related to staff, helps to maximize its value and retain critical professionals in the company. MagneticOne Consulting Group offers proven strategies and solutions developed based on practical experience. Our approach is completely independent and completely confidential. We combine data and financial analysis with industry knowledge to help you make the right choice.

MagneticOne Consulting Group will help:

Assess market and geographic segments for untapped business opportunities

Consider and review relevant markets in detail

Identify potential acquisition goals based on existing strategic goals

Make an initial acquaintance with the agreement and provide support in the early stages

Predict future opportunities using a number of market scenarios

Quantify how changes in the market may affect the value of the transaction

MagneticOne Consulting Group services


Comprehensive reliability check

Look under the hood of your purchase. We test and quantify variables that inform critical aspects of a company’s reliability. Along the way, you gain prior knowledge on key issues about your target company. Also, you will know in advance your key customers, suppliers, and competitors.

Integration after merger

Preparing for integration is the key to creating (not destroying) value in integration. The specialists of MagneticOne Consulting Group will prepare everything and will support you throughout the entire life cycle of the agreement. From large, global deals to small and small contracts that lead to the development of a combined company that costs more than the sum of its parts.

Joint ventures and alliances

Want to unite into an alternative structure that works and thrives? Get up-to-date information on the potential costs and benefits of the partnership, as well as the factual basis for negotiations. In addition, you will know in advance about all the problems and misunderstandings that may befall you.

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