Always up-to-date and maximally complete information about the location, quantity and quality of mineral resources

This is a cartographic web resource that contains information about:

the quality, quantity and degree of exploration of deposits of industrially important mineral resources

their location and level of industrial development

production, losses and availability of explored reserves

Ease of use of the system contributes to:

creation of a transparent resource management environment that works in the interests of community residents, authorities and local self-government;

attracting investments by visualizing deposits available for investment.

The system provides an opportunity

analyze prospects for the development of the mining industry

carry out an assessment of the current state of raw material stocks

receive information on production/losses and stock availability

provide reference and information service to users by providing information to requests in the form of passports or their individual parts (sections, tables)

analyze in detail the state of the state fund and the level of industrial subsoil development

carry out well-founded development of plans for the development of the mining industry and directions for further geological study of the subsoil

System modules

Subsystem of visualization of the digital map of mineral deposits by categories:

solid, liquid and gaseous combustible minerals;

ores of ferrous metals;

ores of rare and rare earth metals, scattered elements;

ores of non-ferrous and alloying metals;

non-mineral minerals for metallurgy;

non-mineral minerals for construction;

precious and collectible stones;

mining and chemical minerals;

underground water, etc

subsystem of displaying transport routes:




other types of logistics networks

a subsystem for operational monitoring of the state of mineral deposits as a consolidated information panel (dashboard)

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