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MagneticOne Consulting Group is a management consulting company that uses deep industry knowledge and thorough analysis to help other companies achieve practical results with real impact. The company provides effective management tools that are proven by time and experience to develop your business, reduce risks and increase profitability.


Analytical System of Energy of Ukraine

The complex is aimed at processing and visualization of energy data, modeling, forecasting of energy industry management processes.

Analytical System of Finances of Ukraine

The complex helps to get free access to up-to-date information about the financial and economic, infrastructural and resource potential of the region.

Analytical System of the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine

The integrated platform is designed for making effective decisions in the field of agriculture.

Analytical System of Technologies and Telecommunications

The complex platform is designed for accounting and certification of telecommunication networks.

Analytical System of the Building Materials Industry of Ukraine

A comprehensive platform for the study of deposits of industrial importance.

Analytical System of Mineral Resources of Ukraine

A comprehensive platform for the study and analysis of mineral deposits.

Analytical System of Logistics of Everyday Goods

A comprehensive platform for the analysis of spatial data in order to optimize logistics operations.

Analytical System of Industrial Logistics of Ukraine

A comprehensive platform for maintaining spatial passport data of transport routes and infrastructure.

Analytical System of Real Estate of Ukraine

A comprehensive platform for organizing spatial information about real estate.

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