Cartographic platform for effective real estate management

This is a cartographic platform, the main purpose of which is to collect, record, accumulate, process and display information about real estate objects of the territorial community, the region and the country in general

The platform enables:

perform an automated search for real estate information;

receive up-to-date information on the dynamics of real estate value changes depending on specific parameters: location, type and material of the building, condition, demand and activity of the real estate market;

view data about objects: primary, secondary, commercial real estate, real estate intended for mixed use, etc.;

keep records of leases, landlords, contracts;

visualize rented premises and their current status;

to carry out operational control of income and expenses related to the rental of each specific real estate object;

make calculations of utility payments, issue invoices;

analyze existing and plan potential real estate objects using design, estimate and other working documentation previously entered into the system;

to form a single point of access of operational services to relevant information about real estate objects, where any problem needs to be solved (repair, reconstruction, improvement).

The cartographic platform stands out


displays real estate objects on the map

visualizes information about each type of object

contains a photo gallery

stores a detailed description and key characteristics (passports), coordinates and many other information important for decision-making

A set of layers of the geographic information system:

Primary and secondary real estate

Objects of unfinished construction

Real estate damaged by war

Specialized and non-specialized real estate

Commercial real estate

Industrial real estate

Typical structure of the system

database of cartographic information (display of real estate objects)

a subsystem of the operational survey of the state of real estate objects

subsystem of monitoring and registration of appeals, carrying out repairs

The analytical system is easy to use

The software has an intuitive interface, the software is built on the basis of modern geoinformation technologies

There is a control panel for data sets, individual map resources, spatial information layers, etc

Information is stored on the server and in the database, so maximum security is achieved, including data with limited access

Building new system modules and connecting new users does not require additional software development

System support does not require programming knowledge, there is no need to keep programmers in the customer's staff

Regulated access to information resources thanks to the assignment of roles to system users: administrator, operator, editor

System deployment includes the supply of hardware and software, filling databases, training specialists to keep the system up-to-date, technical support

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