Technical accounting and certification of telecommunication networks

This mapping platform is designed for:

technical accounting and certification of telecommunication networks;

ensuring the functioning of automated information systems with technical and system software tools;

administration and guarantee of operation of equipment of automated workplaces;

implementation of information and analytical support.

The web map makes it possible to plan cyber protection and information technology security measures in information and telecommunication systems.

System capabilities

Display on a digital map of objects and areas of the telecommunications infrastructure in the mode of combining with mapping services (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Map, etc.)

Carrying out an automated search for information and a detailed view of data on objects and areas of the telecommunications network (for example, mobile coverage, Internet coverage, etc.)

Display of the coverage of various types of radio communication on one map: DX-, SC-, HF- and VHF - communication without the use of repeaters, satellite communication, radio relay communication, cellular communication, trunking communication

Display of information on the spread of digital wireless networks

Inventory of transmitters, receivers and communication channels

Obtaining comprehensive information about the dynamics of telecommunication network coverage of a specific region or territory

System modules

Database of cartographic information (display of objects and areas of telecommunication infrastructure)

Subsystem of operational survey of the state and zones of the telecommunications infrastructure

Subsystem of monitoring and registration of appeals

Subsystem of accounting and management of telecommunication infrastructure

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