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The system is built on the basis of geoinformation technologies and the concept of precision agriculture.

The main tasks of the platform:

to provide up-to-date comprehensive information about the situation at an individual enterprise or the industry as a whole

automate farm management

improve the efficiency of the farm through the integration of the system with accounting programs

make it possible to forecast yields based on current data

Application of the system allows

visualize the cultivated area of land plots, information about the terms of validity of lease agreements, the history of fields and planned crop rotations, etc.;

visualize the entire farm land bank in the mode of combining with environmental data: soil type, topography, steepness of slopes, amount of solar energy, meteorological indicators, etc.;

monitor the state of ripening of agricultural crops;

automatically detect problem areas of crops: waterlogging, low evaporation coefficient, crop germination percentage;

to receive informational support in the field of planning measures to increase productivity for each specific field in the land bank system of agribusiness.

Analytical system is

convenient portal accessible from a mobile device

daily receipt of relevant information

a tool for collecting a database of soil indicators

integration of field data collection processes, operational monitoring of equipment, assistance in planning future crops

a platform for accumulating data: history of fields, crops grown, actual land area, fertilizer consumption, etc

As a result, you will get

access to databases of information resources: data of the State Land Cadastre of Ukraine, data from aerial and satellite surveys, data from sensors and sensors used in the field of precision agriculture, field observations and laboratory analysis of vegetation, soil maps and relief models, meteorological data and many others

automation of farm management in real time: monitoring of agricultural machinery and workers, meteorological indicators, etc.

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