A comprehensive cartographic platform for making effective decisions

Analytical system is a software and hardware complex that provides collection, processing and visualization of energy data, modeling, forecasting of energy industry management processes, provides support for making management decisions aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the economy.

visualization of engineering infrastructure objects: overhead power lines, underground power cables and power networks, gas transportation system, etc.;

visualization of deposits of combustible minerals and industry enterprises in the field of energy;

connection to a set of space images, orthophoto plans, urban planning documentation, raster diagrams of engineering networks, etc.;

display of detailed parameters of engineering networks (type of networks, balancer, etc.)

execution of spatial queries and the possibility of searching;

provision of inventory of engineering networks and elements in real time using mobile devices;

implementation of electronic appeals and registration of incidents by citizens on engineering networks (emergency service call, pipe burst, etc.) using mobile devices.

Subsystem of visualization of the digital map of objects of electricity consumption

Digital map visualization subsystem of energy production facilities: thermal, hydraulic, nuclear power plants

Digital map visualization subsystem of energy production facilities: solar, wind, and other power plants

A set of layers of the analytical system

Digital map visualization subsystem of energy transportation objects: engineering networks

Subsystem of operational inventory (energy audits) of enterprises in real time using mobile devices

Subsystem of public electronic appeals - calling emergency services using mobile devices

Subsystem for visualization of energy management indicators as a consolidated information panel (dashboard)

You will get

Access to energy data of the territory: from information on deposits of combustible minerals to the scale of energy consumption

The ability to model and forecast the energy efficiency of the enterprise and the economy of the community

Analysis of the dynamics and structure of the territory's energy consumption

The possibility of collecting, storing and visualizing data on the territorial and sectoral structure of energy at the level of the region or country

Ability to record losses of energy carriers

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