Analytical system of technologies and telecommunications of Ukraine

This cartographic platform is designed for: 

Technical accounting and certification of telecommunications networks; 

Ensuring the functioning of automated information systems with technical and system software;

Administration and guaranteeing of operation of automated workplace equipment;

Implementation of information and analytical provision;

The web map provides an opportunity to plan the measures for cybersecurity and security of information technology in information and telecommunications systems.

System features:

Display of objects and areas of telecommunications infrastructure on a digital map in compliance with cartographic services (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Map, etc.)

Implementation of automated data search  and detailed review of data on objects and zones of the telecommunication network (for example, mobile coverage, Internet coverage, etc.)

Obtaining comprehensive information on the dynamics of coverage of telecommunications networks in a particular region or territory

Display information on the spread of digital wireless networks

Inventory of transmitters, receivers, and communication channels

Dsplay of coverage of different types of radio communicationon on a digital map: DH-, SH-, KH- and VHF – communication without the use of repeaters, satellite communication, radio relay communication, cellular communication, trunking communication

Typical structure of geographic information system


Database of cartographic information (display of objects and zones of telecommunication infrastructure)


Subsystem of operative inspection of the state and zones of telecommunication infrastructure



Subsystem for monitoring and registration of appeals

Telecommunication infrastructure accounting and management subsystem.

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