Creation of a Corporate Mini Academy

Lifelong learning is the norm, and constant change is the new constant

Employers who develop their employees perform more effectively and are better positioned in the long run.

Own corporate mini academy is an ideal internal training solution used by directors, entrepreneurs, HR and corporate training managers.

This is the development of employees without separation from the main work. “Cultivation” of leaders who understand the organization from the inside and lead it to prosperity.

Internal training has significant advantages: it is systematic and specialized, it can be completed an unlimited number of times and for an unlimited number of employees. You see the progress of your employees and can immediately put their knowledge into practice.

Creation of the Corporate Mini Academy Includes

Learning the technology of creating courses and training programs

Implementation of a platform for learning automation


Development of a training strategy in your company


Creation of one specialized course for the real needs of the company

Gamification of the educational process



We recommend creating a Corporate Mini Academy at:

seasonal business, which generates high staff turnover: it is often necessary to hire and introduce new employees

there is a lack of managers who know the company “from the inside”, there is a need for their “cultivation”

The need to accumulate and structure experience/corporate knowledge, for development and scaling, for example, when creating franchises

Corporate Mini Academy is

Saving money

organizational costs for replacing an employee are 100% – 300% of the replaced employee’s salary

Unloading yourself or your HR

thanks to the automation of the onboarding process (introduction of a new employee)


Corporate culture

well-thought-out internal standards and rules with which all employees are familiar without exception



good reputation of the organization in the labor market, as well as among customers and competitors


Corporate Mini Academy is

Efficiency – a systematic approach to skill development

Quality – training courses with individually created content and automated progress control

Current content – specially developed and selected text, video, audio materials in a convenient and accessible form will allow each member of your team to receive all the information necessary for work

Complexity – online courses, knowledge control tools that allow you to easily master a topic or develop skills and immediately consolidate them in practice

Flexibility – the possibility of choosing educational materials, forming courses for individual groups of positions or divisions, supplementing with new content and removing irrelevant ones

Convenience – staff can undergo training during working hours and outside of working hours

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