Creation of the Consortium

A union that allows you to achieve a goal

The company MagneticOne Consulting Group provides a service – Creation of a Consortium, which consists in helping organizations that have a common goal (joint large-scale target programs or projects: research, scientific and technical, construction, etc.) to create a temporary statutory association to achieve this economic goals

Consortia make it possible to implement urgent large-scale orders and projects that require combining the efforts and resources of financial, production, scientific and technical and service companies.

Why companies unite in consortia

Use of shared resources

Reduction of production costs

Combining experience

Access to international markets

The creation of consortia is relevant when:

  • joint research works
  • large industrial projects
  • scientific and technical developments
  • large-scale construction projects
  • joint development of deposits
  • mass production of products with a stable assortment

Consortia allow:

  • comprehensive use of raw materials and materials
  • ensure the completeness of the cycle “science – technical developments – investments – production – sales – consumption”
  • comprehensively manufacture the final product, through cooperation
  • successfully implement targeted programs and projects that require significant financial resources and/or highly specialized deep industry knowledge

As part of the service, you will receive:

  • The formed Consortium Development Strategy, a brief description of the Consortium’s day-to-day activities, definition of roles and areas of responsibility.

    The developed Partnership Agreement regarding the consortium, with a clear description of: rights, obligations of partners, goals of the consortium, contributions of partners, right to profit and responsibility for losses.

Constituent documents for state registration of the Consortium have been developed.

Preliminary conclusion of the Antimonopoly Committee on concentration.

Legal registration.

A package of templates of Consortium management tools according to the specifics of the activity.

Management tools, including: a set of Google documents/forms/sheets for organizing activity planning, consortium reporting and tracking results by key consortium divisions, a list of recommended management tools for creation from templates, a list of recommended technical systems for implementation.

The benefits you will receive when working with MagneticOne Consulting Group

  • complexity of service provision
  • saving time
  • laying the “foundation” of the organization system

Additional Services

Creation of Brandbook

Implementation of dashboards

Conducting an audit of the consortium’s activities

Legal service

Accounting service


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